Every Home on Every Lot.

We have surveyed the entire subdivision and have identified which home models are on each particular lot. This is very useful information for many reasons. For example, it is helpful when comparing the real estate taxes between one home and another based on model and/or size.

There are variations on most home models in Prairie Crossing. In some cases, these differences are significant when compared to the standard floor plans in the builder’s archives. Additionally, most homes have a number of variations (elevations), garages are re-positioned and layouts are mirrored from the builder’s standard plan.

We tried to be thorough in determining the model type for the home on each lot. There are bound to be some errors in the model we selected. If you notice any listings requiring adjustment, we are more than happy to make the corrections.

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The square footage of the home, lot and basement, as well as the PIN are taken directly from the Lake County Assessor website (this info is available on the property’s tax bill). Some homeowners have made additions to their homes, but are only providing “official” information from the Assessor’s Office. Lake County Assessor Website

We hope you find this report useful. -Patrick and Victoria Carton

Below are the By-Street views which include home photos