Floor Plan

There are many variations and elevations to the home plans in Prairie Crossing. Additionally, homes in Prairie Crossing may have customized and reconfigured layouts so that no ‘generic’ floorplan is entirely accurate for any model. We provided the most common version available. Use the plans we posted here as a guide. We will be happy to obtain or create an accurate drawing for a home you might be interested in.

Basically Prairie Crossing has 28 home models. There are a few customized plans as well, but designs based on one of the 28 basic plans. Most plans offered a variety of interior features, add-ons such as decks and screened porches and some exterior optional changes and /or enhancements. Additionally, there a number of elevations for most plans. The term “elevation” refers to changes made to a specific model appearance, but staying very close to the basic plan. These elevation variances might include dormer windows rather than standard windows, bonus rooms (usually over the garage), look-out and walk-out foundations, varied-width front porches, left-right layout variances, garage location and the entry associated with it, and so on.