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Prairie Crossing

Prairie Crossing was designed and built with the underlying philosophy of conservation. It was developed so that building a neighborhood of beautiful, energy efficient homes could be combined and balanced with restoring and preserving natural landscapes. The Prairie Crossing community has 359 single family homes on 677 acres allowing for vast areas of wetland, water, and prairie to remain in its native state. The effect and allure of this development has gained national attention and acclaim.


The Homes

The homes in Prairie Crossing represent the first community-wide demonstration project for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building America program. With whole-house comfort and efficiency as a baseline, these homes use nearly half the energy of similarly sized homes.

The Trails

The Trails

The trails and great outdoors are literally right on your doorstep. The trails connect all residents to hundreds of protected acres, and an underpass connects to the 2500 plus acres of the Liberty Prairie Reserve. Further along, the reserve connects to the Des Plaines River Trail. Enjoy and explore the many miles of trails in your backyard.

Byron Colby Barn

Byron Colby Barn

The Byron Colby Barn is a beautifully restored dairy barn from 1885. It serves as the gathering place for the community. The barn offers a 24-hour fitness center, gourmet kitchen, loft area, and the large main hall. The barn is used for community meetings, wedding receptions, and other events.This beautifully restored structure brings people from all over Lake County to experience, at least in a small way, some of the natural splendor that is Prairie Crossing.

Many of those visiting the Byron Colby Barn become so enthralled with the community that they decide to become part of the community themselves.A Wonderful Venue – Although weddings are a very popular event to plan at this historical building, they are by no means the only events hosted there. Musical performances, lectures and community meetings find this building to be the ideal setting. If you plan on visiting Prairie Crossing or are considering making Prairie Crossing your home, be sure to include a visit to the Byron Colby Barn as part of your tour.

The Byron Colby Bard and The Prairie Crossing Farm are owned by The Liberty Prairie Foundation.

Lake Leopold

Lake Leopold

Lake Aldo Leopold, named after the great Wisconsin conservationist and author, is a popular place for all residents. The lake has a private sandy beach for swimming, boat landings, park settings, and plenty of places to just picnic or fish.

Stables and Pastures

The Stables and Pasture

Prairie Crossing Stable in Grayslake near Libertyville is at the heart of the Prairie Crossing conservation community. Stalls are 10’x12’ with windows and rubber mats. Board is $500/month (Dec 2016).

The property is permanent open land and cannot be developed. It is surrounded by the homes and open space of Prairie Crossing but is independent of the Prairie Crossing Homeowners Association. Horses can be ridden on all Prairie Crossing trails except those directly adjacent to Lake Leopold and can also be ridden on the public trails (village of Grayslake trails) within Prairie Crossing. The trails connect to the Forest Preserve and Des Plaines River Trail.


For more information about the Prairie Crossing Stables call 847.508-8482


Prairie Crossing HOA

Prairie Crossing HOA

The PCHOA owns and maintains the common areas at Prairie Crossing which includes the prairies, lakes, wetlands, ponds, playgrounds, etc. The PCHOA has been very helpful to us in gathering all the information to pass on to perspective buyers so those buyers are fully informed homeowners. The folks at the PCHOA are very eager to to help anyone interested in purchasing a home in Prairie Crossing. They are the best resource for detailed information on environmental stewardship, classes, the farm, The developments open lands and much much more.
Links: The PCHOA Website

The Crossing

Where Prairie Crossing Got It’s Name

Prairie Crossing is “crossed” and well served by two adjacent Metra rail lines. The North Central Line, running between Antioch and Chicago and the Milwaukee District North Line, running between Chicago and Fox Lake. The North Central Line also serves O’Hare Airport. The tracks of the two lines intersect near Prairie Crossing, giving the community its name. These Metra stations are a very short walk from many of the homes is the southern and western areas of the community.

The Farm

The Farm at Prairie Crossing

The Prairie Crossing Farm is a certified organic farm. The land is leased to a number of farm operators who are growing vegetables for sale to residents and other customers. The Prairie Crossing Organic Farm was one of the first parts of the community to be established. Based at an old farmstead with several houses, barns and outbuildings, the farm consists of nearly ninety acres.The farmers at the Prairie Crossing Organic Farm grow healthy, certified organic produce including vegetables, fruit, flowers and eggs without toxic chemicals or pesticides.The Byron Colby Barn and The Prairie Crossing Farm are owned by The Liberty Prairie Foundation.

Prairie Vew

Prairie Crossing … Now and Forever

Prairie Crossing residents will have the luxury of experiencing all of Lake County’s natural beauty, which includes a protected and well-managed environment containing thousands of acres of prairie, woods, and water. The beach, lake, farms, stables, fitness center, meeting spaces, village green, play lots, tennis courts, basketball courts, farmers’ markets, acres of open spaces, and highly acclaimed charter school are only steps away from two Metra railway lines connecting this conservation community to the heart of Chicago and its airport.The Village of Grayslake, in which Prairie Crossing is located, provides high levels of service, which the residents of Lake County have come to expect. Finally, the conservation of land and energy that this community has fully embraced will help to ensure that future generations will enjoy the same luxuries.

Charter School



Elementary / District 79 / Fremont Elementary
Middle / District 79 / Fremont Middle
Fremont Website


Elementary / District 50 / Woodland Elementary
Middle / District 50 / Woodland Middle
Woodland Website


All of Prairie Crossing, both Avon and Fremont are served by Grayslake Central High School
Grayslake Central High School Website

The Prairie Crossing Charter School aims to instill lifelong learning in all its students. This highly regarded school is a free public school with admission by application and lottery. The Prairie Crossing Charter School was a 2007 National Charter School of the Year Honoree.
CLC is a comprehensive community college offering a wide range of academic program choices to meet your educational needs. Wherever you are in your life, we offer a program that can enhance your career or personal life. The college is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association.
Private education is an option as well. St. Gilbert’s Catholic Electuary School is just a mile away. The highly acclaimed, blue ribbon award winning high school, Carmel Catholic HS, is a few miles south.