Victoria Carton - Top Producing Agent

Victoria Cartonaving a highly skilled real estate representative as your advocate when viewing properties costs absolutely nothing. Not having well seasoned representation on the other hand, could cost you thousands. Victoria can also help you find the best home to meet your needs and wishes. Home buying presents a large a unique set of considerations with possible pitfalls at every turn.

Experience matters. Negotiating a great price, home inspection considerations and unseen property issues require experience and market knowledge.Victoria Carton is the Number 1 broker in Prairie Crossing for a reason. In all her 75+ Prairie Crsossing transactions over the past 10 years buyers and sellers found her assistance extremely well informed and professional. Victoria has helped sellers obtain the highest prices per-foot and has helped buyers negotiate very favorable prices.

Victoria knows every model in Prairie Crossing inside and out. Victoria Carton knows Prairie Crossing. When a buyer is considering a particular home, few brokers could answer many of the following questions. Victoria can answer them all.

Victoria also has help. Her husband and broker partner holds an MBA from DePaul University and excels at internet marketing. And the internet is where 95% of home shoppers begin their search.

just a few examples . . .
Does the path behind this house lead directly to the beach?
Can we put up a fence on this street?
What do the home association dues cover?
Is this model ever available with a different layout?
What restrictions does the HOA place on us?
Can I build a screened in porch on this home?
What can you tell me about the PC farm, stables and Byron Colby Barn?
Can we paint the exterior of this house a different color?
What’s the differences between hardy-board, cedar and vinyl sidings?
I heard there are 2 school districts in PC – where is the diving line?

When you are trying to get the highest price for your home as possible, it is important to have an agent who knows Prairie Crossing. The reason Victoria sells homes at 2%-3% higher prices than all other brokers, on average, is because she knows how to educate buyers and their agents about real Prairie Crossing value.

Her knowledge is demonstrated by the fact that many real estate agents call Victoria with questions about the neighborhood. Having sold over 75 homes in Prairie Crossing and rented 25, Victoria is very experienced at selling Prairie Crossing’s features and benefits. Whether you are buying or selling in Prairie Crossing, Put her experience to work for you.